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Brief of Indonesia Marketing Association (IMA)

Having legality has enabled IMA to secure support from the government, such as getting the Minister of Trade as The Ex Officio Patron and participating in the government’s marketing-related programs and activities. In addition, the legality has attracted professional marketeers from various sectors, including the government sector, to become active members and materialize IMA as a genuinely national marketing association. The Indonesian government has involved IMA to improve the standard of professional marketeers in Indonesia.

Purpose of IMA Establishment

  • To increase the knowledge, ability, and professionalism of members in the marketing field.
  • To develop a dynamic marketing concept in responding to the challenges of change and their application as a strategy in business.
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Events & Activity

Some IMA-owned events are not only limited to IMA members but also invite participants from outside the IMA. IMA-owned events are not only popular among IMA members but also among participants outside IMA.

More About Indonesia Marketing Association

Who we are

Indonesia Marketing Association (IMA) is a focused organization on the development activities of marketing as a profession. Despite being one of the 12 National Marketing Associations that founded the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation (APMF) in November 1991, it does not yet have legality. That is why it was re-established on May 20, 1996, and registered at the Jakarta District Court. The IMA then became a legal entity on October 20, 2020.

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Our Vision

  • Become a professional marketing organization at the National level, which is a reference for all related parties.
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Our Mission

  • To be a forum to increase knowledge and skills and represent the interests of Marketing professionals.
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Our experience

Marketing Hack - 10 years
Business - 8 years
Certification - 6 years
Training - 5 years
Marketing 4.0 - 5 years