This year’s summit, 9th ASEAN Marketing Summit, will be held in person. With the theme “Think-Feel-Act: Transform Now” we believe that participants will gain cutting-edge perspectives from the co-authors of Marketing 6.0 and Entrepreneurial Marketing-2. On top of that, speakers will share insights and inspiring ideas on how the initiatives of ASEAN plus five countries (China, Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand) impact global business strategies. Moreover, Asia Marketing Federation Members will join to share their outlook about the future of marketing in ASIA.

MCorp plans to host an exclusive full-day event with a limited number of participants (approximately 100 people). The morning session will take place at the Glass House in Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta. In the evening, AMS’ speakers and VIP guests will be invited to the Glass House in Ritz Carlton Pacific Place for a Diplomat’s cocktail reception featuring Indonesian snacksandwine.

AMS is a part of the MarkPlus Conference, the speaker and VIP guests are welcome to join the second-day, Indonesia Marketing Convention and The Closing Night. We will prepare a translator device to understand Indonesian speakers in the conference sessions.

The 9th Asian Marketing Summit
Organizer: MarkPlus
Location: Jakarta
Date: 6 Desember 2023