World Marketing Forum (WMF) aims to promote ongoing discussion on the latest development in marketing and sharing of global best practices. With only around 500+ invitees from academia, business, and government, the event is free-to-attend due to non-for-profit collaboration with some of the world’s prominent figures and organizations. With two days filled with marketing insight and inspiration, this is a chance to co-create an unforgettable marketing forum with tons of ideas and technology showcase to support our global community.

The World Marketing Forum (WMF) is an exclusive annual event hosted by the Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) for global marketing professionals.

Founded by Hermawan Kartajaya and Sadayoshi Fujishige, the forum brings together and around 500+ invitees from academia, business, and government for discussions on the latest marketing developments and sharing of best practices.

The event is held both online and onsite, with historical venues across Asia chosen by AMF to reflext the importance of marketing practices. The 2023 event took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

World Marketing Forum 2022
Organizer: Asia Marketing Federation
Committee: Indonesia Marketing Association (IMA)
Location: Bali
Date: 8 Oktober 2022